Download Poppy Play Time Chapter 2 Mod Apk (v) – All Weapons Unlocked


Get poopy play time chapter 2 MOD apk download and get a chance to fight against different toys with unlimited money and all weapons unlocked for free.
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Ignite the spirit of Halloween with poppy play time chapter 2 mod apk, an adventure-packed horror game. Chapter 2 is a sequel to the game’s first chapter and includes new villains with different powers than in the first chapter.

After the huge amount of love received in poppy play time chapter 1, the game’s developers have come up with new powers and levels in the new chapter. The newly released chapter is distinct from the first one, making many users love it globally.

Poppy Play Time Chapter 2 Mod Apk Game Story

This horror game is based on a haunted and deserted toy factory. The game tells an incredible story of how the well-loved toy factory fell into despair, and all its employees faced different difficulties. Now you are a reporter who enters the factory and is stuck in it.

In the game, you enter the control room and turn on the camera inside the factory to look at the horrifying factory. Your main task is to find your way out of the factory safe and sound.

During the game, you will unveil the many mysteries hidden inside the factory and come face to face against the many horrifying toys as your opponent. While fighting against the dumb enemy, you will search for clues regarding the factory’s closing and solve puzzles to move to the next level.

Game Play

The gameplay of poppy play time chapter 2 apk is incredibly unique and distinct. It is centered in a toy factory with many hallways and rooms that you have to go through. Each room will have a new mystery and teach you something new about the factory and its workers.

The game’s second chapter starts right after the first part is finished. The main character is the same, but the villains and the vengeful toys are different this time. You will come against mommy’s long legs, the game’s main antagonist, which is much more terrifying than huggy wuggy in chapter 1.

Mod Features Of Poppy Play Time Chapter 2 Mod Apk

This scary yet addicting game is made even more loveable with its mod features which give you something extra than the non-modded version of the game. The mod features of poppy play time 2 apk all unlocked, include:

All Weapons Unlocked:

The game’s main story revolves around a haunted factory with many creepy toys and the main villain by the name of mommy long legs. You will have different weapons and powers to fight and win against all the different characters. Some will be unlocked, while the others will have to be purchased.

But in the modified version of the game, you can have all the weapons unlocked for free. Each weapon has a different strength and can be used as you wish. Having all the weapons at your disposal means that you can easily defeat any enemy you come against.

All Characters Unlocked:

Poppy play time mod apk god mod features many different characters that the players can select. For instance, some characters are boys or girls and can be chosen up to preference. Furthermore, each character has their accessories as well.

All the characters are unlocked in the game without needing to purchase them. Additionally, every character’s beautiful accessories are also available for free. So you can dress yourself up in the game in different colored clothes, jewelry, hairstyle, and even caps.

General Features Of The Game:

Many general features of the game hook you onto it. Some of these general features are;

Incredible Graphics:

To make the game much scarier and bone-chilling, the high-class graphics of the gameplay are an essential part of it. The factory has no lightning apart from a flash from your character. This dim lightening gives the perfect surrounding of a horror movie.

Furthermore, each toy is portrayed so that it can be petrifying. The toys are covered in blood, with some of their necks rolled at odd angles. The main villain, mommy’s long legs, has extra-long limbs that can cause jump scares and is very disgusting.

Wonderful Sound Quality:

The sound linked to the characters and the background noise also plays an essential part in the game’s fame. The main enemy will shout, “I will kill you,” in a terrifying way, raising the hairs on your hand.

Many Levels:

The toy factory has many rooms and hallways; each is depicted as a different level. You will need to utilize your courage and take help from the different weapons and powers to move to the next level. The many levels will keep you hooked to the game and not get bored.

My Experience:

As a horror movie enthusiast, poppy play time chapters 1 and 2 were wonderful games. As the game’s sequel starts right from where the first chapter ended, it is important to play poppy play time in chapter 1 to understand the game fully.

The mod features of the game made it much more interesting to play with, as I could easily win against the different opponents. The best part was changing my look as I wished and using different characters and weapons as well.


When Did Poppy Play Time Chapter 2 Came Out?

The second chapter for poppy play time was released on May 5, 2022, for windows devices. For ios and android devices, the game’s sequel was released on august 15, 2022.

How Long Is Poppy Play Time Chapter 2?

Poppy play time chapter 2 is 3 themes larger than the first chapter and includes many mysteries and levels. An experienced game can complete all the levels in 2 hours, but it can take longer depending on the player-to-player and the gaming ability.

The horror puzzle game might give the illusion of an age restriction but does not have any. It is suitable for kids 8 and above and can also be enjoyed by adults.


Have a chance to be inside a horror movie surrounded by terrifying toys in an abandoned toy factory. You must play and take every step cautiously, as all the toys can sense noise and easily follow you. You will also have a chance to solve many puzzles and sharpen your mind