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Always dreaming to fly in the sky as birds do? Or want to fly your helicopter? Almost everyone wants to fly high as a bird or with a helicopter, neglecting the fear of reaching the sky. Then, you can fulfill your dream in the form of the game Gunship Battle mod apk.

What you have to do is to fly a helicopter as a pilot to fight and defeat the opponents and fulfill the missions. As you win the missions, you can get rewards through which you can buy different jets and helicopters or make the helicopter more feature rich by upgrading them.

It is one of the best action-loaded games of 2023 with several helicopters to utilize in the battles and fight against the opponents. Moreover, you can choose the helicopter of your choice and begin the mission to lead the battles and win the game.

About Gunship Battle 3D Helicopter mod apk

Gunship battle is a complete action shooting game where you as a helicopter pilot combat against the enemies to destroy them. Fly off the helicopter and shoot your opponents.

In addition, the helicopters are equipped with deadly weapons to utilize on the battlefield. However, you have to destroy the whole area that depicts the wars against the enemies. Complete missions, and as the game progresses it becomes more difficult to play.

Therefore, you can win rewards in terms of completing the missions and also can utilize different helicopters according to powerful enemies on the battlefield.

Mod features of Gunship Battle mod apk

All Unlocked

Gunship battle mod apk is a mod version in which everything is unlocked from start for FREE and you can download it from any of the game stores. You can get all the things you want.

However, you can get unlimited money in the game using the mod version. Every type of helicopter and all weapons are unlocked in the game. It means you don’t have to complete missions to unlock everything, just download and start playing.

In addition, to all unlocked, you can get unlimited money, gold, and diamonds. You can offer free purchases, which helps you enjoy the gameplay freely without any problem with completing missions.

Unlimited Gold/Money

In the old version, you can get money or gold by completing missions and challenges, and as the game progresses, it becomes harder, so it becomes more difficult to earn money and gold.

Enjoy unlimited money using the mod version of the gameplay Gunship battle mod apk. Using it, you can get everything you want, ranging from various helicopters to powerful weapons.

Other Features of Gunship Battle mod apk

Variety of Feature Rich Helicopters

Gunship Battle mod apk offers a great variety of feature-rich helicopters in this game. You can try all the helicopters and choose the one that fits best to complete the missions and challenges. However, the game is best for users who love helicopters and want to fly in the sky in a grand fight leading against their enemies.

Battles Against the Enemies

You have to fight against the enemies on the battlefield where war is taking place and the game depicts the real situation of the war. To win, you have to pass challenges and missions in the battles.

Powerful Weapons of Gunship Battle

To fight in the battles, you get the deadliest weapons to destroy the enemies and win the war on the battlefield. You can also buy more powerful weapons that would help you attack the enemies.

Easy Control System

The Gunship Battle has an easy-to-use control system that you can play with without any difficulty. If you want to move the helicopter, tilt your device, and for shooting touch the screen and you are good to go with the controls of the game.

My Personal Experience

Gunship Battle is so much fun, it is the best one of all helicopter games I have ever played. However, it gives you knowledge about different weapons and helicopters.

Moreover, the controls are so awesome to get used to easily. It possesses nice graphics and sound effects. It is super challenging and entertaining, and if you play it once, you cannot remain without it.

It is a very nice game to play with various gunships and feels like real battlefield. However, there are many levels and challenges to play which will keep you engaged in the game.

In case you have no internet connection, you can play gunship battle because it is an offline game, and you can enjoy it without any connection.

However, it is more than a reality game and as you play, you will feel it. This action game is very awesome. You will always like these types of action-packed games and you can easily spend much time playing it and enjoy the gaming experience.


How can you get unlimited money in the game?

You can get unlimited money just by downloading the mod version of the gameplay Gunship Battle 3D Helicopter mod apk.

How to save the progress in the game?

To save progress, just log in to any of your social media accounts and save the progress of your game.

Is the game Gunship Battle mod apk free?

Yes, the game Gunship Battle mod apk is free. You can download it and play it on your device for free.


Gunship Battle mod apk is a full action shooting game available on your phones for easy access, gathering millions of people around the world, due to its action-packed thrilling features.

Dive into the battles to fight against the enemies as a helicopter pilot and complete challenges and missions to end the war by defeating your opponents.

Moreover, use weapons to destroy your enemies. Moreover, here, you can get an unlocked latest version for free where you have unlimited money, gold, and everything unlocked.