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GTA San Andreas APK is one of an excellent action games in which you will get the opportunity to play as a gangster and experience his life. In this game, you play the character of Carl Johnson, who leaves the crimes, but after the murder of his mother, he has no choice, and he becomes the mafia boss at San Andreas. As a gangster, you have to complete missions to earn more fame, such as murders, robberies, construction contracts, etc. You can use many destructive weapons to complete the tasks. So, you can easily download the latest version of GTA San Andreas Apk 2023 free from our website.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is developed by Rockstar Games. This game gets millions of downloads worldwide because of its unique and offline gameplay. By downloading the updated version of GTA San Andreas Apk, players can enjoy premium advantages and can use cheats while playing the game. You can download the official game from Google Play Store for free, but if you want the latest version of this game, you can download it from our website. Moreover, you can extract this game from obb after downloading it on your device.


The gameplay of GTA Sa Apk is unique to other games based on a Cleo script in which you can experience the life of a real gangster, and you have to complete tons of missions from easy to harder. In these missions, you have to do different tasks such as murder, kidnapping, stealing cars and weapons, and many more. Most people love this game due to its customizable vehicles, as you can drive your favorite cars and vehicles and customize them the way you want. You can customize different accessories such as body parts, paint color, designs, engines, wheels, shock observers, etc.  

This game has very manageable controls; even beginners learn the controls in a few hours of playing. With the cloud save support, players can save their progress before quitting the game. You have to accomplish as many missions as possible to earn money and fame. While playing the game, keep yourself away from the police and don’t try to mess with them because they catch you and you lose the game. The graphics of this game is eye-catching, with sharp details. Moreover, You can play the game offline wherever you want without the internet with the offline gameplay. 

Features of GTA San Andreas Apk:

GTA San Andreas has many exciting features which make your experience of becoming a gangster more interesting. Some features are given below in detail.

Hundreds of Missions:

In the game, you can take part in hundreds of missions to accomplish and earn lots of money. The missions are easy when you are at initials, but they become difficult as you progress and go up in levels. Some higher levels are so difficult that you have to repeat them to complete them because they are not accomplished on the first attempt. Whenever you get bored by completing the missions, you are free to explore the city and can participate in quests for more fun. By completing all the missions, you become a true gangster and earn lots of fame.    

Awesome Customizable Cars:

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas provides the players with a huge variety of vehicles to enjoy a wonderful driving experience. In the game, you are free to drive any vehicle you want without restriction, as no one can stop you. You can take cars from people by force but be careful of police as they catch you while stealing cars and killing people. Players cannot only drive cars and bikes but also helicopters, tanks, buses, ambulances, taxis, and many more, which makes the game more exciting. You can use your favorite cars during races and complete the missions.

Cloud Save Support:

This game has amazing cloud save support through which you can save all your progress whenever you quit the game. Then when you start the game, it begins where you have saved it. With the cloud save support, you become a member of the Rockstar Social Club Members. Because of this option, you can play the game on multiple devices and can start playing the game where you have saved. Then you don’t need to worry about losing your progress because it always remains protected.

Simple Controls:

The GTA San Andreas has very simple and manageable controls through which you can easily control your character’s movements while playing the game. With the help of a wheel, you can manage your character’s movements, and in the bottom right of the screen, you will see other controls, which include jump, fire, etc. Moreover, the game permits you to customize and adjust the controls according to your convenience so you can play the game smoothly.

Offline Gameplay:

This game gives you offline gameplay through which you can enjoy the amazing experience of gangster life without an internet connection. This feature makes this game worth playing because most action games are online and need a good internet connection to work smoothly. Because of this option, you can play your favorite game anytime without any hassle. Moreover, the graphics quality of this game is fantastic, which grabs the player’s attention towards this game and persuades them to download it. 

My Review:

GTA San Andreas is one of my favorite action games, which I play the most. In this game, you can enjoy gang fights and drive a huge variety of vehicles, such as cars, tanks, helicopters, etc. The thing I like the most in the game is the huge variety of missions in which you can steal cars, data, weapons, kill mafia bosses, etc., to earn fame and money. Moreover, the plot graphics in this game is remarkable, and you can enjoy this game without an internet connection. So, I recommend this game for those who want to play action games as a gangster.  

FAQs About The GTA San Andreas Apk:

How to download GTA San Andreas Apk on PC?

To download the GTA San Andreas game on a PC, you have to install an Android emulator, Bluestacks, which helps you download all Android apps.

What is the size of GTA San Andreas on Android?  

The size of this game is 2.6 GB on Android with 7.0 version and up, so you must have an empty space of 3 GB on your device to download this game.

How to get better in GTA San Andreas?

To get better in the game, you have to follow some tips and tricks such as remembering simple weapons, saving before the story mission, earning big money in horse racing, focusing on completing missions, etc.

Is it safe and free to download for Android and iOS devices?

Yes, this game is 100% safe and free to download for Android and iOS devices. Then you can play it with any problem.


In this article, we have told you all information about GTA San Andreas with all its features. This game gives you a chance to become a real gangster or mafia boss by completing all missions and killing opposing gangs. You will get multiple powerful weapons to take down your opponents and mafia bosses. Moreover, players can easily enjoy this game because of the simple controls. So, if you want to play the best action game with awesome graphics, try GTA San Andreas. Remember to share this game with your friends and family if you like it. Thanks for reading our article.